The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 7 (3)
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Dafydd's suffering more than that."

Caitlyn leaned against a nearby wall and said, "I think it might be sort of an aura reading hangover. Seemed like reading the building took a lot out of him."

"Aura reading hangover" was a pretty good description for what I was feeling at the moment. What little light surrounded us seemed too bright, and the reflected strobing of the emergency vehicle lights was making me nauseous.

Paul nodded. "That makes sense. Where's the car?"

Runner pulled up just then in his battered panel van. "You guys look like you need a lift."

I was quite happy to climb into Runner's van for the short trip back to Paul's car.

Once we got there, the werewolf asked, "You going to be okay to meet back at Pau...

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