The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 7 (2)
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wolf's side with one claw, moving out of reach just ahead of the creature's answering bite. While Paul is more than a match for just one werewolf, this creature was injured, which made the contest completely one-sided.

"Dafydd!" Caitlyn said, gripping my sleeve. "Can't you hear it?"

I could, and I wasn't worried. I recognized that howl and knew the fight was over. It still seemed prudent, however, to put more room between us and it, and I continued backing as I spoke. "It's okay. That's Runner. I recognize his howl."


"A friend," I said.

Another wolf turned the corner near us and trotted over to where Paul still battled. He'd scored at least two solid hits on the creature, and it was slowing down.


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