The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 5 (1)
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Chapter 5

September 16, 2011. Late evening

I yawned as Paul pulled back onto the road. My partner glanced over at me and asked, "So what was all that about her trying to kill Benny?"

Darned vampire memory. "It was mostly a misunderstanding," I said. "Jessica had told her about me, and she was looking for a teacher. Apparently she thought killing a ghoul would get my attention."

Paul snorted as he merged back onto the highway, finally in the direction of home. "It would do that."

"Yeah, but she didn't know that Benny is basically harmless. I got there in time, and he's fine. I explained the situation, and we kind of went on from there."

“I'm assuming you do plan to train her?"

I leaned back in my...

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