The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 4 (3)
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with the links, I'll send some required reading, along with some suggestions of where I'd like you to start researching our particular situation. I'm not sure you'll find anything in the sections you'll have access to, but better you check those out while I look through the more advanced stuff."

"In other words, I get to look through the grade school material instead of reading the interesting stuff?" she asked, but her tone sounded pleased instead of impatient.

"Exactly. Where's the fun in being a wise old sensei if I can't give you menial chores?"

Beside me, Paul was suppressing a laugh, and Caitlyn shot him a look, which didn't quell him at all. Finally, she smiled, said good night and started for her apartment.

Paul and I got back in his car. F...

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