The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 3 (3)
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the residue of a powerful spell." I thought for a moment. "Actually 'residue' is the wrong word. Whatever had been done to it lit the whole building up like a Christmas tree. There were so many colors I couldn't sort through them. I had to shut down my sight or be blinded. Temporarily, I hope, but I didn't want to take the chance."

"It would have to be a powerful spell to take down an entire building," Paul said. "What kind of magic could do that?"

I shook my head. "If you'd asked me before, I'd have said it couldn't be done. Magic just doesn't work like that."

"Like what?" Caitlyn asked.

"Okay, first lesson." I paused. "Or are we on the second now? I'm losing track. Anyway, magic generally has a ve...

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