The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 2 (4)
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green overlay and was shot through with orange, which was interesting. I also saw yellow, which made me nod. This scene was fresh enough to let me draw some conclusions.

I stood up and walked around the body, scanning our surroundings. "If I'm reading this right, he had been following her."

"How can you tell?" Caitlyn asked. Her voice sounded choked, as if she were battling a recalcitrant stomach. 

I noticed the flash of yellow-orange irritation that went through Paul's aura, and I directed my answer as much at Paul as to her, letting him know I didn't mind.

"This will make more sense when you can actually see what I'm seeing, but most of the colors are what you'd expect to see in a scene like this. I won't go into the details right...

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