The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 1 (2)
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for over a hundred years. I trusted him to not blow up in the setting sun. As reassurance, however, I reached into my pocket and fingered my phone. If needed, Paul could be here within minutes of my calling. I hoped I wouldn't need to do that. Something about Caitlyn appealed to me.

As soon as the waitress left with our drink orders, Caitlyn asked, "Paul? Would that be Paul the vampire?" She dropped her voice on the last word, but I didn't need to hear it to know what she was asking.

"You seem amazingly well informed for someone I've never met."

A blush spread across her cheeks. "Yes." She paused, eyes apparently absorbed by a rip in the checked table cloth. "Uh. Sorry. I guess I goofed up."

I gave her my best smile. The one that alwa...

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