The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 7 (1)
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No one spoke until I parked on the street near my parent's house. Paul looked out the window the entire trip, and I wanted to ask what he was thinking, but I knew he wouldn't want to talk until we were alone, if then.

As I turned off the engine, my grandfather spoke. "Paul? Son?"

I stifled a grin at my grandfather calling him son. As old as the warlock was, he was still quite a bit younger than my partner.

Paul stirred and turned around in his seat. "Sir?"

PopPop gave him an amused frown at the respectful title but didn't comment on it. "I'll admit I didn't entirely like what you did back there. The mind magic, I mean."

Paul nodded. "I understand. It's not an ability I'm comfortable wit...

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