The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 5 (4)
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and forth between me and Paul.

"Can vampires be gay?" was the only thing he said.

It wasn't the worst thing he could say because it started me giggling. See, technically, Paul is bi, not gay, which has become something of a running gag between us and Laura, who delights in referring to him as the "gay vampire," whereupon, with great dignity, Paul will reply, "I'm not gay."

While he didn't laugh, the muscles around Paul's eyes relaxed.

"Okay," I said. "Not sure that was the first question I would have asked, but yes, they can be." I shot Paul a warning look, and he nodded. No, not the time to confuse the issue with our private joke.

"Oh," Gerome said. His expression grew sheepish. &quo...

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