The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 5 (3)
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people for money they didn't need to spend was kind of the definition of "hurting."

"He told me I had psychic talent, which was why I could hear him. Later, after we'd worked together for a while, he started manifesting."

"What does he look like?" PopPop asked.

Gerome shrugged. "Just a guy. I mean, nothing special, expect for those awful bell bottom pants." He shuddered. "Please, man. Don't ever let those 70s fashions come back."

Paul's expression looked vaguely scandalized, and I resolved to ask him about that. Don't tell me he actually enjoyed bell bottoms? I wondered if he had any pictures. Vampires are visible in mirrors, and you can photograph them just fine.

"Continue then," PopPop...

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