The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 5 (1)
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We sent PopPop around to the back of the house, just in case the guy decided to make like a rabbit. My grandfather may not be fast enough to run down someone young and fit, but he has other ways of stopping anyone he wants stopped.

Paul and I walked up to the door. I had my pack handy, just in case, but I was pretty sure Paul would be all we'd need.

Paul knocked, and I shifted into aura sight, to take the measure of the guy when he opened the door. The sickly aura of the house made my stomach lurch, but I'd had plenty of practice in dealing with it.

The door opened, and I had my first look at our quarry. He definitely had some magical talent, not enough to be a full warlock but certainly enough to see and talk to ghosts. I looked deeper and strugg...

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