The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 4 (2)
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not sure who is in charge. But I know who does."

I was pretty sure I knew who he was calling, and my suspicions were confirmed when Paul said, "Damien. I have a question for you."

Other than Paul, Damien is the vampire I know the best. Remember that master vampire I keep talking about? He killed Damien's sister a few months back and tried to kill Damien too. Yours truly saved his undead ass, which won me a tiny bit of respect. Not a bad thing to have since one of Damien's duties is to act as liaison between Lucius and the paid informants in the police department. Although Lucius' preference is to have no humans know about the vampire community, the reality is that a few have to know. Otherwise it would be more difficult to cover up traces of vampire activity and...

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