The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 4 (1)
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We had rented a car for the week, a Ford sedan, which had Paul muttering something about "American manufacture." I couldn't make out specifics, but I was pretty sure it wasn't complimentary. At home, Paul drove a candy apple red Toyota Prius which he insisted is a date magnet. I didn't see it myself, but I've never had the heart to tell him that. Besides, it’s not like I was worrying about him picking up anyone while we're together.

PopPop attempted to distract Paul from his auto dissatisfaction by telling, in full detail, about his encounter with a vampire. Turns out that Paul did know the guy and wasn't at all sorry to hear that a human had defeated him. "Gave vampires a bad name," seemed to be his general feeling. My partner was also interested in h...

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