The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 2 (2)
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had food, we all settled down, and Paul and I fielded the expected questions.

How did we meet?

"In the alley behind my apartment." I left off the part about him feeding from some guy. Paul only kills murderers and the like, and he'd assured me the guy had it coming, but I didn't think my young nephew needed the gory details.

When did we start dating?

"After defeating a master vampire who had been terrorizing the DC-area. Oh, and who had just happened to have killed one of Paul's old lovers." I was proud at how even my voice was when I said that.

How old is Paul?

That one required a bit more explanation. In life, my partner was Paul Joseph Revere, the grandson of the more famous Paul Revere. Paul...

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