The Case of the Intolerant Ghost (Novella): Part 1 (1)
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March 19, 2011. Early evening

It's never easy to bring the boyfriend home to meet the family, but it's even harder when your boyfriend is a vampire, and certain members of your family are dedicated to protecting against supernatural threats.

I'm Dafydd Smith, and I come from a long line of warlocks. My grandfather still tells the story about how he defeated a master vampire when he was barely out of his teens. I grew up hanging on that story and hoping I could do something equally cool. Falling in love with a vampire hadn't exactly been on the agenda.

As we stood in front of the door, I pretended I wasn't nervous, but I was afraid Paul probably saw through it. He was kind enough not to mention it, although he did raise an eyebrow at the wreath, we...

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