The Case of the Dragon Egg (Short Story) (6)
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legs. I moved up behind Paul, wishing I'd had time to cast a veil. It was small and young, but I knew how dangerous it could be, and I'd be lots happier if it couldn't see me right now. Of course, we still had to catch it and get it back to the car, which we couldn't have done from behind a veil. I hoped fervently hoped Paul's idea would work.

When the hatchling was about 30 yards away, it stopped and raised its head to test the air. I concentrated very hard on not looking like prey. Paul's low voice sounded beside me.

"That's right, baby. Look at the pig. It's food, good food for a newborn like you." His tone managed to be both reassuring and commanding at the same time.

Paul can do a sort of vampire mind whammy. He's not super good at it,...

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