The Case of the Dragon Egg (Short Story) (5)
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carefully sprayed everything, glad for the distraction.


As soon as we were fire resistant, we headed off for the power plant. Even with the windows rolled down, the smell was still terrible. The things I do for my family!

We were too distracted to talk, so we made the trip in silence. I checked the time on Paul's dashboard with a near obsession, especially when we hit an unexpected traffic snag.

"Relax," Paul said, his voice soothing. "We've got time."

"Sure. As long as it doesn't hatch early."

"Mostly, they don't."

Mostly was supposed to be reassuring?

We finally pulled up to the plant at about half past nine. That didn't give us much time to get into position. Paul and I both hopped out of the Prius, and...

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