The Case of the Dragon Egg (Short Story) (4)
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into a vampire. For that to happen, I'd have to drink his blood, and that's not happening anytime soon.

We said our goodbyes to Runner and hopped into Paul's car for the drive to his house.


If the smell didn't bother him, it certainly did me. I rolled down the windows and took shallow breaths. "Drive fast. This is nuts."

"We still have the drive to the plant."

"Yeah, I know. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that."

Fortunately, his place isn't far from mine, and we arrived just a few minutes later. I glanced back at the wrapped pig. "Think that'll be okay while we run in?"

Pal snorted. "Not like it's going anyplace. Zombies don't exist, remember?"

I grinned. "And...

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