The Case of the Dragon Egg (Short Story) (3)
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that's not me being an insecure gay boy. It's actually important to consider these things before going to deal with supernatural creatures. You don't want to be easy to grab, burn with acid or fire, and you definitely need to be able to run. So ladies, no high heels. I know a werewolf who runs around in stilettos, but most of us don't have the balance for that. Gentlemen, wear jeans that give you enough flexibility to run, roll and dodge, while still cutting a fine image. Well, actually that last part is optional, but it's never wrong to think about it.

For this evening's activities, I decided on an old, but still-serviceable, pair of black jeans, long sleeve t-shirt in dark gray and a black leather jacket. I finished it off with hiking boots. I wouldn't be able to run as fast in the...

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