The Case of the Dragon Egg (Short Story) (2)
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guarded power plant?

"Fortunately, they hatch pretty much on schedule. 10:00 PM, we think."

More calculations. One of my abilities as a warlock is that I always know the exact time of sunrise and sunset. That piece was easy. But where the hell is Calvert County and how long would it take us to drive there?

My phone beeped, and I looked at it. Text from Paul.

About an hour's drive at that time of day.

My very own Google Map.

"Okay, that should work. I'll rustle up Paul and get him to help."

A pause on the other end. I rolled my eyes and said, "Really, Dad. I'm about 130 pounds soaking wet." If that. "I think some help dealing with a dragon would be a good idea."

"I suppose you're right, son. But yo...

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