Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 30
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Chapter 30

November 7, 2010. Noon to Early evening

After tidying up his work room, Jim had headed to bed and slept most of the morning. By lunchtime, mostly recovered, he had driven Denise home, where he waited while she called her friend and let her know it was safe to come back.

“It is safe, isn’t it, Jim?” she had asked after hanging up.

“Yes, it is.”

“You’re certain?”

While nothing involving magic was ever completely certain, Jim was pretty sure about this one, but all he’d said at the time was, “I put in a call to Dafydd and asked him to check some things out. They are dropping by after sunset. Want to be there for that?”

She’d indicated that she did, and they had parted ways, with Denise a...

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