Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 29 (3)
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the words, the cadence was definitely Latin.

Ab insídiis diáboli,

líbera nos, Dómine.

Ut Ecclésiam tuam secúra tíbi fácias libertáte servíre,

te rogámus, áudi nos.

Ut inimícos sánctae Ecclésiae humiliáre dignéris,

te rogámus, áudi nos.

As he finished the exorcism, Jim raised a vial and sprinkled holy water over both of them. It only made Denise damp, but she saw John’s eyes grow wider. They changed shape, becoming slit like a feral cat’s. His attempts to remove the knife grew more desperate, but it didn’t move.

As she watched, his body seemed to be growing fainter, becoming translucent. His rapidly fading form stretched in the direction of t...

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