Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 29 (1)
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Chapter 29

November 7, 2010. Just after dawn

Denise had heard most of Jim’s preparations from her position, crouched in the bedroom across the hallway from his work room. Although not intimately familiar with ritual magic, most of what she heard made sense. There had been a few pauses, and she had wondered what he was doing during them, but mostly she tried to clear her mind and prepare herself for what was to come.

She had removed the knife from its sheath and turned it over and over in her hand. Each time she turned it, the metal had gleamed in the dim light of the approaching dawn. Could she actually use it? Could she just walk up to John and plunge it into his—Her mind had stuttered to a halt over that. What exactly was she going to be stabbing?

Knowing that...

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