Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 28 (3)
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filled with consecrated salt and a small vial of holy water. Two knives, one with a black handle, the other with a white handle were off to one side, within easy reach. A red taper completed the altar.

“Okay. Everything’s ready. Sunrise is in ten minutes. That gives me just enough time to cast the circle. Get ready.”

“Good luck,” she said as she crossed the hallway to the other room.

Jim knew they’d need it. While his theory was sound, this was nothing like what he’d done in the past, and he couldn’t dispel the anxiety pooling in his stomach.

However, he was a professional, and he took a deep breath. He could do this. Time to start.

Jim lit the red candle with a lighter. A match would be more traditional, but he was a practical...

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