Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 28 (1)
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Chapter 28

November 7, 2010. A couple of hours before dawn.

Jim had set his alarm for 4:30, far earlier than he needed, but he’d wanted to have plenty of time to prepare.

He and Denise had run over the plan several times last evening, and they both felt they were as ready as they could be. Jim just hoped John hadn’t suddenly developed the ability to spy on them through the wards. If he already knew the plan, they were screwed.

Denise was already up and preparing coffee in the kitchen. “I’m not sure I slept at all. Too nervous.”

Jim gave a short chuckle. “I’ve learned meditation techniques which allow me to get to sleep, almost through anything.”

Through a yawn, she said, “Once this is all over, you’ll have to teach me...

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