Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 27 (5)
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in the supernatural at all to now putting limits on it?”

A blush rose in her cheeks. “Fair point.”

“No, it’s okay. Not many warlocks have attuned items. I’m pretty sure most would tell you it was hogwash, but ever since Jake showed me that thing, I’ve sought out lore, and I’ve read enough to lead me to believe it’s possible.”

Jim slowed down to take a tight turn, and as he accelerated out it, he noticed a black Mustang stopped on a cross street. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about the car, and he passed it. Just as they drove past, he heard a sharp intake of breath from Denise.

“What is it?”

At that moment, the driver of the Mustang revved his engine, the sound like the growl of a hunting cat. Jim glance...

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