Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 27 (3)
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be closed. Jim followed her inside, which smelled pleasantly of incense and candles. No owner was in sight, and she glanced at the shelves. As expected, she saw several different Tarot sets along with many books on the occult, New Age philosophy and a small mountain of books written by Edgar Cayce. She wasn’t an expert on his works, but a small sign near the collection said “Complete set.”

She heard Jim approach the counter, but she continued to scan the shelves. Incense, candles, candle holders, incense holders, leather amulet bags and other accoutrements of the New Age set abounded. As she moved deeper into the store, she found other things, some disturbing: knives with handles carved in the shapes of dragons, demons and other things that she couldn’t immediately identify. Denise looked cl...

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