Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 27 (1)
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Chapter 27

November 6, 2010. Morning to mid-afternoon

“What do you mean you’re going to summon him with the ring?” Denise asked.

Jim sat back in his chair, and she thought he looked smug. “Spirits do follow certain basic rules, and one is that they can be summoned to places which hold significance for them.”

She nodded. “You mean like you summoned him to his grave?”

“Exactly. The fact that I was able to summon him to his grave gives me confidence that I’ll also be able to summon him to the ring. Azazel is giving him abilities spirits don’t usually have, but the angel doesn’t seem to have changed his essential nature.”

“Why summon him to the ring? Why not use the grave again? I mean, sure, the ring was sign...

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