Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 25 (1)
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Chapter 25

November 6, 2010. After midnight

Several hours later, the cab pulled up outside Jim’s house, and Denise got out, stumbling a little in weariness. It had been a long day, and from the lights in the living room and the strange car parked behind Jim’s XTerra in the driveway, she suspected it wasn’t over yet.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to not be greeted by Dori’s barking. Hearing voices in the living room, she headed that way, ready to have some questions answered.

The sight of three men greeted her when she walked into the living room. Jim was seated in his usual chair near the fireplace. She didn’t know the other two, but it wasn’t difficult to guess that they were the people Jim had mentioned earlier. The other warlock, and, with a...

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