Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 24 (1)
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Chapter 24

November 5, 2010. Evening

Jim stepped out on the porch, vial of holy water unstoppered and ready to throw. He heard Denise behind him, just inside the door. He walked to the stairs and glanced left and right. No one. Turning back to face her, he said. “I don’t see anyone. Whoever it was, they’re probably long gone by now.”

Denise was picking up the rose. It crumbled in her fingers, and the black dust littered the welcome mat in front of her. “Do you think he left this?” she asked, her voice so low Jim had to strain to hear her.

He moved back closer to the house. “John? It does seem likely.”

She stared down at the black dust on the mat. Her expression was grave, and yet Jim saw determination spread over her features....

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