Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 23 (1)
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Chapter 23

November 5, 2010. Mid-morning

When Denise awoke, she found Jim already at his dining room table, head bowed over several books. He was scribbling something on a pad of yellow, lined paper.

“Good morning. Hard at work already?”

He glanced up from his notes. “Couldn’t sleep. This problem is eating at me.”

“Well, speaking of eating, why don’t I fix you something more substantive, like breakfast?”

He gave her a smile. “That would be great. Let me finish with this passage, and I’ll come in to help.”

“No worries. I figured out where everything was yesterday, and I enjoy cooking, especially breakfast. Danny gets upset on the days when I have an early class, and he has to settle for cereal.” She...

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