Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 20 (1)
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Chapter 20

November 4, 2010 Midnight to early morning

Everyone dreamed.

Jim hadn’t gone to bed quite as early as Denise had. He had made himself a mug of herbal tea, gone back over his notes of the Tarot reading and written down some impressions. The more he analyzed it again, the more convinced he was that The Devil card was to be taken literally. The other interpretations were valid, but the literal interpretation was, in its own way, even more important.

After about an hour of note-taking, he had to call it a night. His eyes were running back and forth on the page, but his brain wasn’t retaining anything he was reading. After taking Dori out for a last walk, he went to bed. Perhaps his subconscious would sort it out for him.

There was nothing unusual about most o...

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