Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 19 (1)
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Chapter 19

November 3, 2010 Morning to late evening

Denise had forced herself to have as normal a morning as possible, considering the second murder of someone she knew. She’d gotten Danny off to school, arranging for him to stay with a neighbor that afternoon.

Confident that her son was in good hands, Denise concentrated on grading exams until it was time for her first class. She managed to keep herself busy all day, though it took an effort to shift her thoughts away from John and the murders. Yesterday, the rituals they’d performed at the house felt normal and right. However, the next day, after a restless night’s sleep, she wasn’t as certain. How well did she know Jim Novik anyway?

Doubts aside, she managed a creditable job with her classes, but she was gra...

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