Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 18 (5)
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apparent form, but only in the case of extremely powerful spirits. This is no garden variety ghost.”

Jim thought it through and finally nodding his agreement, he asked, “So do you have an idea of what he might be?”

Dafydd took over. “Perhaps. I think we’ve come close, although it’s hardly an exact match. Have you ever heard of a revenant?”

Jim had to think about that for a moment. He dredged back into his spirit lore and finally came up with something. “I think so. It’s a spirit who was wrongly killed and has come back for revenge.”

Dafydd nodded. “Exactly. They are particularly nasty and don’t follow all the rules for spirits. They can take a corporeal form, possibly formed of ectoplasm, though the lore I found didn’t spe...

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