Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 18 (3)
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and he leaned forward. “When you say directly channel, you mean…?”

Nodding, Jim said, “Yes. I mean a particular angel has chosen me as the occasional conduit of its power.”

“Which one?” Paul asked.

“Probably not one you’ve heard of before. It’s fairly obscure. Rachiel, the Angel of Friday.”

Dafydd shook his head. “Angel lore isn’t my thing, so no, I don’t know of him.” He glanced at his partner. “Paul?”

The vampire also shook his head. “No. I’ve read the Books of Enoch, and I don’t remember him being mentioned.”

“He’s not,” Jim said.

Dafydd had pulled out his phone and was rapidly tapping on it. After a moment, he said, “Ah, here he is. Angel o...

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