Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 18 (1)
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Chapter 18

November 3, 2010. Mid-afternoon to evening

Jim heard the news about the latest murder on his way to his office. Although the news report didn’t say much, he suspected John had been responsible for this one as well. Was this Jamie Nicholas also a student of Denise’s? If he was responsible, this spirit was going against convention, and he didn’t like it. He hoped he’d hear back from Dafydd soon. Some solid information would be welcome.

Fortunately Wednesday was a busy day for him, and he was able to put thoughts of spirits and murders out of his mind until it was time to drive home. On his way to his car, his cell phone rang. Pulling it out of his pocket, he was relieved to see it was Dafydd calling him back.

“Hi. Found anything?”


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