Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 16 (1)
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Chapter 16

November 2, 2010. Late evening.

Late at night, a shadow walked the campus. He thought he once had a name. Maybe even still did, but, like all his memories, it slipped in and out of his head. One moment he knew. The next he was left with the vague feeling that something important was gone.

Time was as fluid as memory. He was fairly sure that people did things. What did he do?

The question was gone as soon as he asked it.

One of the things he did know and never forgot was that the night was his time. It was when he felt most alive. His memories seemed more solid after the sun went down.

What he remembered now was the woman. He thought he knew her, but the how was gone as soon as he thought of it. Something about her was as hauntingly familiar as t...

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