Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 15 (1)
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Chapter 15

November 2, 2010. Early evening

Jim stopped by his home just long enough to grab a sandwich, pick up supplies for the planned warding and feed Dori. She gave him a reproachful look as he rushed back out, and he promised her a walk when he got back. She didn’t seem convinced of his sincerity.

On his way to Denise’s house, he ran over the ritual he was planning. Wardings weren’t his strongest area of magic, but he thought he’d be able to manage something that would work. He recalled his meeting with the young warlock, Dafydd Smith and wondered about his skill with wards.

He’d enjoyed the meeting with a fellow practitioner. It had been a long time since his training, and he missed the opportunity to talk about magic with someone who understood. He m...

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