Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 14 (1)
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Chapter 14

November 2, 2010. Early morning

Denise hung up the phone, disturbed by what Jim had said. She wasn’t sure how much to believe. Yes, he’d made a certain odd sense with his talk of spirits and magic, but how much of it was real, and how much wasn’t? The dreams could have been just that, dreams. Danny’s insistence that he’d seen his dad no more than a child’s wishful thinking.

What about the ritual at his house? teased her thoughts. You saw the lights. There was something there.

Was there really, though? Or was it just like stage magic? She shook her head, not sure what to think but also unable to shake a bone-deep conviction that something wasn’t right.

She heard footsteps upstairs and knew that Danny was awake. She...

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