Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 12 (3)
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answer that question. What was Denise to him? A friend? Something more? No, not something more. He certainly liked her and wanted to help and protect her if he could, but romantic feelings weren’t part of it. He knew himself well enough to be sure of that. “A friend,” he finally said.

“You’re sure that’s all?” Dafydd asked. The younger man had gotten up from couch and moved to stand beside the vampire’s chair. Suddenly Jim felt alone and almost as if he were on trial. His anger returned. “Yes, I’m sure. I do believe she and I were drawn together for some reason. Perhaps to deal with this menace, but that’s all.”

Instantly, Dafydd’s expression and body language lightened. He smiled. “Good. Now that we’ve got that clear to everyone we can...

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