Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 11 (1)
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Chapter 11

November 1, 2010. Later in the evening.

Denise was grading some of her freshman students’ papers when Kevin called. “Are you busy?” he asked, almost before she could even say “Hi.”

Sensing this wasn’t time for small talk, she answered. “Yes, I’ve got a ton of papers to grade by Monday, but I can make time.”

“Make some. I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

“What’s up?”

“I’d rather wait until I get there to tell you.” And he hung up.

Denise sat back, shaking her head. That was certainly odd. Kevin wasn’t usually abrupt. She had the fleeting thought that it might have something to do with John. But how was that even possible? She glanced at her watch, 8:26. Had Jim fi...

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