Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 9 (1)
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Chapter 9

November 1, 2010. Midafternoon.

Jim had awakened that morning, unsettled from a disturbing dream. It was a new one, and he wasn’t yet sure what to make of it. He did his best to ignore it, but images kept appearing to him at random intervals, and by lunchtime, he was actually considering taking the rest of the day off.

Determined to persevere, though, he headed for Johnson Center, the student union, to get some food, hoping it would ground him and let him finish the day. Besides, he had tests to grade, and he hoped the change of scenery would help.

Since the dream had involved Denise, he wasn’t entirely surprised to see her approach as he was finishing his roast beef sandwich.

“May I join you?” she asked.

He smiled and motioned to the pil...

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