Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 8 (1)
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Chapter 8

October 31, 2010. Late Evening

Denise went through the usual battle of getting an eight-year old hyped on sugar into bed. It took almost an hour, but she finally got him bathed, teeth brushed and settled down, his favorite stuffed bear tucked under an arm. She leaned over to give him a quick kiss, already looking forward to a long, hot bath and curling up with the latest thriller by John Gilstrap.

As she stood up to leave, Danny said, his voice small in the dim room, lit only by the light in the hallway, “Mom?”

She paused. “What, sweetie?”

“Was Professor Novik right? Do the dead really walk tonight?”

She sighed. Jim had obviously meant well, but she wished he hadn’t said anything. Danny had an active imagination at the best...

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