Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 5 (1)
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Chapter 5

September 16, 2010. Just before sunrise

Jim was still setting everything up when he heard the knock at his door. Actually, he didn’t hear the knock. He heard his beagle/shepherd mix barking her fool head off.

“Enough, dog!” he yelled as he limped to the door. His leg was particularly bad today, and he wasn’t looking forward to the kneeling he’d have to do to perform the ritual. Before opening the door, he grabbed Dori by the collar and held her. She wasn’t large, only about 40 pounds, but she was strong. “Sit,” he said, his voice firm. She gave him a look that clearly communicated “are you crazy?” but after a moment, she sat.

“Good dog,” he said as he opened the door.

Denise stood there, shifting from...

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