Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 4 (3)
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met John there, then?”

She froze, the glass of water she’d been drinking half-way to her lips.

He started to apologize, but she relaxed and said, “Yes. We got married just before we moved here.” She put down her glass. “Coffee? I guess it’s time to get around to why I asked you here.”

He nodded. “I’d like that.”

“How do you take it?” Denise asked as she rose, automatically gathering up plates. Jim started to get to his feet to help, but she waved him back to his seat. “I’ve got it.”

“Milk and sugar, then, if it’s not too much trouble.”

She smiled at him. “No trouble at all. With a kid in the house, I’ve plenty of both.”

While she was brewing in the ki...

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