Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 4 (1)
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Chapter 4

September 15, 2010. Early evening

Jim shook off the memory as he pulled into Denise’s driveway. While she might want to reference the reading, he knew he had to be firmly in the present for this encounter. As he turned off the car, he realized he’d never actually been to Denise’s house. Every time he’d met her had been at a faculty function or social occasion at someone else’s house.

Odd how you can know someone for years and realize how little you actually knew them.

He navigated the steps up to her front door and knocked, leaning on his cane while he waited. A moment later, he heard the thunderous sound of footprints, and a small boy opened the door. Jim knew Denise had a boy, about eight, and he presumed this was him.


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