Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 3 (5)
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away from a chest full of treasure. Chains enveloped the chest and scenes of Hellish horror were engraved on it. The Tower had a large tower, burning at the top, bolts of lightning striking it and people falling into the waves crashing at the base of the Tower.

“There’s nothing in the Tarot that is strictly bad. The Devil is in sort of a wild card position. It can be a guidance card or an indication of your hopes and fear. The Devil indicates being tied down against your will or fearing you’ll need to submit to others. Sometimes you’ll want to look at this card as a bridge between the first card, Four of Wands and the final card, The Tower.”

“What’s The Tower mean?”

“Change. Massive change is coming. The Four of Wands says you’re getting...

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Table of Contents

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