Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 3 (4)
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topmost one on the right, this one a lion being stroked by a woman wearing a crown of flowers. “When we get to this one, Strength, you’ll see why it’s a reinforcing card here.”

She motioned him to continue. “Okay, so things are changing, and I’ll have to be strong. What’s next?”

Jim pointed to a card showing a wolf and a dog howling at a full moon. Both canines were by a rippling pool of water. “This is the Moon. You know how we mostly fear the night, but the moon can light it up and make it beautiful?”

She nodded.

“Okay, the Moon can guide us to the unknown, but because we fear change, this card also highlights our anxieties. This card position can be how we really feel about a situation.”

“So change can be...

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