Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 3 (1)
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Chapter 3

September 15, 2010: early morning

Jim woke up from a dream of death and violence. While this wasn’t unheard of, and he knew how to deal with the aftermath, it didn’t make for the best way to start a day when he had three classes to teach.

He groaned and rolled over, reaching for the iPad by his bed. He’d only had the tablet for a couple of months, but he already loved it, finding it so much easier than the pad of paper he used to carry around everywhere.

Opening up a note, he wrote down the details of the dream. This one was new. He was pretty sure the car was symbolic of something, but he was going to have to meditate a while on the meaning of blackened eyes. Not blackened as in burned. Blackened as in all pupil without a hint of iris. He finis...

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