Buried But Not Gone: Chapter 2 (1)
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Chapter 2

September 14, 2010: late evening

Someone was shaking her, and Denise realized she must have passed out. As she slowly roused herself, she heard distant sirens and the closer sound of crying.

A hard surface was beneath her, hurting her spine. She moaned and turned onto her side. The crying continued, and her muzzy brain knew she should recognize it. Finally she opened her eyes and recognized her surroundings. The diner. Right. Turning her head, she saw Kevin standing over her, concern in his eyes.

“Are you all right?”

She sat up slowly, the after-image of John’s eyes burned on her retina. She shook her head, still dazed and slowly focused on the crying, which now she realized was coming from Danny.

She saw her son sitting in his seat, half-eaten...

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